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Acceptable Use Policy

Guidelines for the Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Services

Acceptable use of Electronic Information Services (EIS) of the Ozark City Schools requires that the use of EIS resources be in support of education, educational research, and the educational goals of the school system. Electronic information services include but are not limited to network services such as the Internet, databases, electronic mail, voice mail, and any computer-accessible source of information, whether from hard drives, tapes, compact discs, or other electronic sources. Individual EIS users are responsible for their EIS behavior and communications, including their access to EIS. Use of EIS is a privilege that carries responsibility for the user. All EIS users must understand and exercise responsible use of EIS.


All EIS users shall agree to strictly adhere to the following requirements:

·   User shall use EIS for educational purposes only, and shall not access or attempt to access any materials that are inappropriate to the educational environment.


·   User shall not use EIS to submit, publish, display, retrieve or transmit any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, disruptive, discriminatory or illegal material.


·   User shall not use EIS to harass, insult or attack others.


·   User shall honor school system policies and the Code of Conduct while using EIS and while choosing materials accessed through EIS.


·   User shall use appropriate language while using EIS. Vulgarities are not permitted.


·   User shall use only the EIS account and password assigned to user. User shall use EIS only for purposes authorized for user's account. User shall not attempt to access information that is not authorized for user's access or account.


·   User shall not use EIS to invade the privacy of others, and shall not trespass into another user's folders, work, or files without proper authorization.


·   User shall not reveal any home addresses or personal telephone numbers or other confidential information about students or employees.


·   User shall abide by all copyright laws and regulations.


·   User shall not use EIS for commercial purposes, product advertising or political lobbying.


·   User shall not attempt to harm, modify, or destroy software or interfere with system security.


·   User shall not introduce unauthorized software into the system.


·   User shall not use EIS in any way that would disrupt the use of EIS by others.


·   User shall not allow anyone else to access the system using user's account or password, unless user has authorization to allow such use by others. Users are ultimately responsible for all activity under their accounts.


·   The user will not intentionally harm or destroy data and/or equipment.


·   User will not intentionally waste network resources (i.e. "chain letters",  "spamming", etc).



·   User understands that many services and products are available for a fee and acknowledge the responsibility for any expense incurred.


·         User will not violate webpage guidelines.





Users who violate the provisions of the EIS Acceptable Use Policy may be denied access to EIS and be subject to disciplinary action.  Denial of access may result in removal of a student from a class where EIS is necessary.  Disciplinary action for student violations may range from an informal conference with the student and parent for minor policy violations, to transfer, suspension, or expulsion, and restitution for more serious violations.  When applicable, law enforcement authorities may be notified.  The Ozark City Board of Education, the Superintendent, and his/her designee reserves the right to establish additional rules and regulations as necessary for the efficient operation of Electronic Information Services.  




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