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All Ozark City School employed employees will now be able to access their pay records, W-2's, leave balances, deductions, make some changes to their personnel info, tax changes, and direct deposit information using the Employee Self-Service program.  
Every school system employee will need to work on getting registered by the beginning of next school year.  This at some point will take the place of you receiving a paper copy of your check stub and I will be able to post info under documentation for you to be able to access the Sick Leave Bank Policy, like of deductions available, anything I need to let you know will be at your fingertips.
In order to get registered you will need your Social Security number and your Payroll ID can find this on your direct deposit statement (check stub) under Employee Number.  If you do not have any of your stubs, you can also use your Kelly Service number, which should be your payroll employee number, if not that you can email me or ask your school secretary.  
You will also need an email address.  You are welcome to use your school email address but if you leave you will need to go to your profile and change your email address so you can continue to access your information after you are no longer employed with us.
Once you have put in all your registration info, they will send you a confirmation link to the email address you used to register.  Once you confirm using the link you are set up and ready to use the system.
If you should have any questions call or email me. Please check your school email to register/enroll.
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