• General Class Procedures

    • When entering the classroom, students should take their seat and immediately begin working on the DGP
    • Make no assumptions and ASK QUESTIONS
    • Be S.M.A.R.T (Studious, Mindful, Attentive, Respectful, Truthful)
    • Do YOUR best!
    • Don’t just fly, SOAR!

    Absence and Make-up Work Policy

    Sports: Sports teams will occasionally miss class due to a game. Players are responsible to make-up any missed quizzes, tests, or classwork, and to obtain any notes or information given in class. Homework and papers are still due on the assigned day- sports players must leave the assignment in my box before they leave for the game. Assignments turned in the day after a class missed due to a game will be counted as late. 

    Excused absences: Students have three days to turn in assignments and make up missed quizzes and tests. On the third day, items not made up will be given a grade of zero. KEEP UP with days you miss! Make-up work will be posted in the classroom. Always check in to see what you missed.

    Unexcused absences: Students will have one day to turn in assignments and make up work. Homework and classwork must still be completed. Graded assignments will be given a grade of zero until work is submitted. The front office determines whether an absence is excused.

    Papers and projects will lose one letter grade for each class day that they are late.

    If a student sees a "1" in iNow as their grade for an assignment, it means they have missed the make-up work submission window. A "2" as a grade means the student missed the assignment due to suspension. 


    Check iNow!

    You can see your grades, missing assignments, and attendance. Ms. Parsley will frequently update grades in iNow to ensure you have access to your current grade!