• Ozark City Schools Volunteer Information

    The purpose of the Ozark City Schools volunteer program is to enrich the quality of education for the district’s students by providing opportunities for parents and community members to become actively involved in our Ozark City Schools.

    Anyone wishing to volunteer must complete the form here. 


    Volunteer Guidelines

    As an Ozark City Schools volunteer, it is important to ensure that any parent and/or student information (including email addresses) you may be given access to, will be treated respectfully and confidentially. Therefore, please keep in mind that parent’s personal email addresses may only be used to communicate on approved topics such as notification of classroom events, upcoming school functions, school volunteer opportunities, etc. Volunteers should not send unauthorized or non-school related emails to parents’ personal email addresses. This includes emails of a personal nature, emails that advertise or market non-school related items or activities, and emails discussing confidential information about another student, parent, or staff member.

    Please note that Ozark City Schools must comply with privacy laws by ensuring that all staff members and volunteers who have access to confidential information ONLY use that information as authorized. Unauthorized use of confidential information, including parents’ personal email addresses, can result in removal from the volunteer program.