• The Ozark City Board of Education is committed to creating and maintaining a safe school climate for all individuals that is free from bullying, violence, harassment and discrimination.  Any form of bullying behavior on school grounds; at a school-sponsored or school-related activity, function or program, whether on or off school grounds; at a school bus stop; on a school bus or other vehicle owned, leased or used by the Board of Education; or through the use of an electronic device or an electronic mobile device owned, leased or used by the Ozark City Board of Education.

    No student shall engage in nor should any be subjected to bullying, violence, threats of violence or intimidation by any other student that is based on any of the specific characteristics set forth in this policy. Students who violate this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary sanctions as specified in the student code of conduct and applicable law, subject to the investigating school administrator’s authority and decision.

    Bullying and Harassment Online Reporting Form

Last Modified on February 13, 2023