Returning Student Registration

  • We are excited to announce online Returning Student Registration for the upcoming school year! Returning Student Registration will replace the paper registration forms Parents fill out in the upcoming school year to update student information and sign off on agreements concerning their student(s).

    Parents will receive a letter and/or an email with instructions explaining the two options for completing the Returning Student Registration:

Option 1: Using a Snapcode

  • The snapcode is like a key to your child's Returning Student Registration

    1. You should receive a unique snapcode or snapcode link for each child
    2. Access this link Returning Student Registration Forms   
    3. Input the snapcode
    4. Create an account (You should use the same account to complete forms for multiple children) 
    5. Then fill out the form

Option 2: Using the Parent Portal

  • This option is ONLY Available for Parents who have set up a Parent Portal Account

    How do I get started if I DO have a Parent Portal account?

    Visit OCS Parent Portal  and sign in to your Parent Portal account.

    From the Parent Portal:

    1. Select the student you wish to register along the top
    2. Select the Student Registration Icon on the left side for 23/24 Year.
    3. Agree to the terms and conditions
    4. Select Begin Forms

Need Help or Have Questions


  •  Please do not fill out the new student registration forms.  They will be discarded, and you will be required to complete the appropriate forms.