• TV Production

    Students in TV Production will receive a variety of real-world learning opportunities through laboratory experiences and actual work.  Students will be able to learn behind the scenes and in front of camera positions.  Students will learn the duties of writing, producing, performing, studio operations, photography, and editing.  

    Instructor:  Kimber Gibson

    There are NO expiration dates on dreams! Teaching TV Production and Journalism has been a dream of mine since I was 19 years old and a broadcast communications student at Jacksonville State University. Any graduate of communications will tell you that their career has sometimes looked like a winding road. I know mine has. Whether it's running a camera, or running to catch a plane to give a presentation on community safety, a career in communications means learning how to present a message in the most effective means possible. I look forward to bringing a vast array of experience into the classroom and teaching my students that the skills they learn in the studio or on the field can make them successful in whatever career they choose to pursue.

    I am the proud mother of an Auburn graduate, a senior at The University of Alabama, and a sophomore at Auburn University. I enjoy mentoring students and helping them to turn their creative energy into lifelong skills. I look forward to becoming part of the Ozark community and being a Carroll High School Eagle.

  • Television Production Pathway

    • Intro to Television Production
    • Television Production: Studio Operations
    • Television Production: Writing and Producing
    • Television Production: Photography and Editing
    • Advanced Television Production