• A message from our President Joanna Paris


    Hello, everyone! My name is Joanna Paris, and I am currently a Senior at Carroll High School. This year, I have the privilege of serving as the Student Government Association President. I moved to Fort Rucker, AL at the start of my 6th grade year and found comfort in Ozark. I have two older brothers, Shawn Jr. and Casey, both of which are in or have graduated from college. As for my future plans, I hope to travel the world and gain as much knowledge and experience possible. In our SGA program, we are given a rare opportunity to support and advocate for our student body. We organize Homecoming, aid with Prom preparations, establish quarterly eagle pride events, and participate in monthly community service projects. Under the direction of our new Principal, Mrs. Andrea Maness, Carroll High School has taken on a new objective: “To Soar”. This means that students will rise above and venture into their own success, beyond the walls of Carroll. I hope to use my voice to highlight the best of Carroll, and to encourage more students to reach their best. Thank you, and God Bless!  

  • Meet our officers and Representatives


    Senior Class:
    Joanna Paris= President
    Olivia Martin= Vice President
    Morgan Cheatwood= Secretary
    Jai Stabler=Treasurer
    Elizabeth Peterson=Historian
    Ahshunti Creech= Rep
    Kaleyah Gilbert= Rep
    Justin Henderson= Rep
    Grace Miller= Rep
    Valencia Morris= Rep

    Junior Class:
    Julia Adams= Vice President
    Abigail Tanner= Secretary
    Ally-Anna Outaw= Treasurer
    Emilee Pedroza= Historian
    Claire Brauer= Rep
    Callie Ganey= Rep
    Kate Gresco= Rep
    Mia Hennis= Rep
    Claudia Walker= Rep
    Will White= Rep

    Sophomore Class:
    Deanna McDaniel= Vice President
    Mahania Elkhoury= Secretary
    Kindel Ansley= Treasurer
    Kylee Mobley= Historian
    Kyashia Daniels= Rep
    Riley Jordan= Rep
    Hannah Lewis= Rep
    Gavin Mobley= Rep
    Jessica Nguyen=Rep

    Freshman Class:
    Kayla Cohen= Vice President
    Laney Gresco= Secretary
    Emily Ganey= Treasurer
    Brooke Foist= Historian
    Xoie Vickers= Rep