The Faculty and staff at Carroll High School accept the responsibility of providing all students with the learning environment necessary to prepare them for the future by guiding them toward their maximum academic, aesthetic, physical, social and emotional potential.



    Carroll High School, known as CHS was newly constructed in 2013 to replace the 1950s original CHS, now serves 650 eagle students.  Carroll High School prides itself in providing unique student-centered programs for our students through career academies, which cultivate student performance and achievement as students prepare for their local and global careers. CHS is among the first Alabama public schools to proclaim an expansive academy model in which each student has the potential to earn Career / Technical Education credentials. Our career academies are small learning communities built around a specific career or college pathway. All freshmen begin their high school experience with the Freshman Academy. This gives each student an opportunity to gain transitional skills and then explore the six career academies: Industrial Technology Academy, STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Academy, Medical Science Academy, Alabama Power Business Academy, Human Services Academy, and Arts Academy. The academies are all staffed with former industry-experienced personnel who now educate students and provide expertise, development, and explicit skills in several career areas. Through specialized instruction and real-world experience, our 21st century learners gain the essential skills to be successful in their college and career endeavors.

          Fight Song


    Go Eagles, Red & White

    You gotta win for dear old’ Ozark

    After we’ve won the game,

    The Eagles gonna fly to-nite-


    Fight onto victory; to keep our honor and our glory;

    Go, Fight and Win this game

    For Dear ole’ Carroll High





             Alma Mater


    Our Strong Band can ne’er be broken;

    it will never die

    Far surpassing, wealth unspoken,

    sealed by friendships tie

    High School days are swiftly passing,

    soon their sands are run,

    while we live, we’ll ever cherish,

    friendships here begun