• About Our School 

    In 2015, Mixon Intermediate School was established with the merging of three elementary schools in the Ozark City School System. The school remains on the same campus site on which it was originally constructed in 1962 at 349 Sherrill Lane in Ozark, Alabama. Currently, Mixon has approximately 382 students. Mixon houses students in grades 3- 5 with 4 special education teachers, 1 speech pathologists, 2 gifted teachers, 2 physical education teachers, 1 media specialist, 1 guidance counselor, 1 music teacher, 1 reading and 1 math coach, 3 intervention teachers, and 18 regular classroom teachers. The outstanding lunchroom at Mixon has 1 manager and 4 wonderful lunchroom workers. The school also has 1 amazing custodian who takes pride in keeping the Mixon school and campus clean, sanitized and appealing for the staff, students, and the community. Mixon is an ARI and AMSTI school providing the most current strategies in both reading and mathematics instruction.

    Mixon is also working toward the implementation of all Grades 3-5 certified teachers to be LETRS certified to correlate with the Alabama Literacy Act and the Science of Reading. Our school also prides itself on the variety of special area classes we provide in order to expand students’ school experiences such as media classes, counseling, technology, physical education, the 4H program through the Dale County Extension office, and music. We have a beginning music choir which consists of students from all three grade levels. The Mixon music group plans to perform at school functions as well as events throughout the community. One of the biggest challenges faced at Mixon School is space for expansion. Another challenge is the shortage of qualified and effective teachers to fill classroom positions as well as the retention of teachers within the school.

    Ozark, AL is the county seat of Dale County, AL and has a population of approximately 14,300. It is the 49th largest city in Alabama. Ozark is known as the home of Ft. Novosel and the “Heart of the Wiregrass.” One unique opportunity for our community is that we have the Alabama Aviation College which directly educates students to become employees of our local military base, Ft. Novosel. One unique challenge associated with our community is that we experience a low tax structure due to high poverty levels. The average household income is $57,452 with a poverty rate of 19.63%. The mean age of citizens in Ozark is 44.7 years. According to the most recent ACS or American Community Survey, the racial composition of Ozark is White: 63.05%, Black/African American: 30.94%, two or more races: 2.85%, Asians: 2.16%, Native American: 0.83%, and other aces: 0.17%. Educational attainment data shows that 86.42% of citizens over the age of 25 have a high school diploma or above.

    Our Mission

    Mixon Intermediate School strives to engage and challenge all learners to succeed through a variety of learning opportunities coupled with highly effective instruction.