• Meet our Squad!!


  • A message from our Captain Dakira Dean



    Before I even got to high school I was kinda shy and scared to do sports, even though I knew what I wanted to do I was scared of the outcome but, I took a shot at basketball cheer and I am honestly happy that I did. It has taught me to step out of my confront zone, never give up no matter how difficult the task can be, and to always step up and take charge never be scared! Although I was never the trouble type Basketball Cheer has kept me away from trouble & drama and also made me strive to be the best I can be. Throughout my years of cheering I have learned to stop doubting myself and saying I CANT and every since then it has been I AM STRONG, I CAN, & I WILL.


  • A message from our Co-Captain: Ze'Andrea March:


     When I first started High school I was scared to show who I really was and wasn’t confident in myself and thought I wasn’t good enough to do anything High school related, until I tried out for basketball cheer and was shocked that I made the team.i saw a change in myself. Basketball cheer has taught me how to show my confidence and not worry about what others have to say about me or what they think of me ,it has also taught me how to be a leader and not a follower, keep my grades up, and stay focused. But most importantly taught me sisterhood.