• Dual Enrollment

    Dual Enrollment for Dual Credit is an enrichment opportunity allowing eligible high school students to earn high school and college credit for courses taken through an Alabama college or university before their high school graduation. Before students can enroll in a dual enrollment for dual credit opportunity, the college and the high school must obtain a signed agreement. Ozark City Schools currently has agreements with the following colleges and universities:

    • Wallace Community College
    • Enterprise State Community College
    • Alabama Aviation
    • Auburn University
    • University of Alabama
    • Troy University


    What are the requirements to participate in dual enrollment?

    • 10th, 11th, or 12th grade students
    • 2.5 gpa on an unweighted scale
    • written approval from the dual enrollment coordinator or designee
    • possible college placement test
    • academically, physically, and socially prepared for college coursework

    How much does dual enrollment cost?

    Many of our students participate in dual enrollment at no cost to the student through the Alabama Workforce Grant. To determine your eligibility for the grant or other tuition assistance, please contact carrie.southern@ozarkcityschools.net

    What courses are available through dual enrollment?

    Students can enroll in both career/technical courses and academic courses through dual enrollment. For a list of some of our most common courses, visit Dual Enrollment Courses. 

    Is transportation required for dual enrollment?

    Ozark City Schools does not provide transportation to the colleges for dual enrollment. Students without access to transportation are encouraged to take advantage of the on-campus offerings including: ENG 101, ENG 102, HIS 201, EMT, Masonry, and Graphic Engineering.

    Will credits earned through dual enrollment transfer to a four-year university?

    Dual enrollment students can obtain a transfer guide from Alabama Transfers to determine which courses will transfer to the post-secondary institution of their choice. During the student's first advisement meeting for dual enrollment, the counselor will assist with any questions regarding transfer guides. 

    What are the advantages of dual enrollment?

    • Save money on tuition
    • Earn simultaneous college and high school credit for the same amount of coursework
    • Get a jump start on your college career
    • Ease the transition from high school to college
    • Dual enrollment students are more likely to enroll in college directly after high school.
    • Dual enrollment students, on average, earn higher GPAs in their first year of college.

    Are students excused from dual enrollment classes for high school holidays and events?

    No. Students are expected to follow the schedule of the college.

    How will grades be reported from the college?

    Parents do not have access to college grades until they are posted to the high school transcript at the end of the semester. Students may waive this privacy right by completing an Authorization of Release Form.

    How do I get started?

    Students are encouraged to meet with their career counselor before completing an application. During this initial meeting, the counselor will review the student's transcript, discuss career options, request a transfer guide, and create a plan for transitioning to college or career after high school. 

    Application and Registration: