Degrees and Certifications:

Renee Cortner

Reading has always held a special spot in my heart, so when it came to choosing a field, English should have been an easy decision.  Ten years after graduating from Troy University with a degree in English, the decision to become an English teacher finally made sense. I earned a Master’s Degree in English Language Arts Secondary Education and pursued my goal to become an educator.  


My calling, as an English teacher, has given me the opportunity to do what I enjoy, and that is teaching students to enjoy reading and writing.  This is my third year teaching AP Literature and Composition and English 12 to seniors. Though this is my third year at Carroll High School, this is my sixteenth year in the classroom environment. I began my career at D.A. Smith Middle School and later moved to Goshen High School.  For both of those schools, I taught English to seventh and eighth graders.  


My sense of humor plays a significant role in how I teach and helps students connect with me and not feel anxious in my classroom.  Establishing a safe setting for students encourages them to learn and retain information beyond the classroom and into real life settings. I have one daughter, Victoria, naturally an aspiring writer, who is  a freshman Carroll High School. In my spare time, I enjoy, of course, reading, writing, and spending time with both my daughter and friends.