• Welcome to the D.A. Smith Middle School Library/Media Center


    The D.A. Smith Middle School Library/Media Center is open Monday - Friday from 7:50 - 3:00.  Students may use the library during break and lunch.  We offer over 7,000 volumes for selection.  We encourage students to read.  Research shows that students who read for pleasure perform better academically than their peers who do not read.  It is the mission of the Library to provide access to information for the entire school, to strengthen and support the curriculum, and to promote literacy and the enjoyment of reading. Please encourage your student to READ! 

    The Library is an inviting place.  We have 2 areas with couches and comfortable chairs for students.  One area of our library is set up like a coffee shop to encourage students to come in, relax and read.  There is also ample table space for studying and homework.


    Book Check Out:   A maximum of two books may be checked out for up to two weeks, and may be renewed if necessary.


    Book Care:  We encourage students to take care of library books.  Keep food, pets and young children away from books.  If student's books are lost or damaged, there is a charge to replace it before other books can be checked out.


    Library Schedule:  Each English/Language Arts class has an assigned library time.  


    “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss




    Donna Culp





    Monday - Friday

    7:50 - 3:00