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Kaleb Kelley is Lisenby Primary School's Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Kaleb Kelley on being selected the 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year for Lisenby Primary School and Ozark City Schools Elementary Teacher of the Year. 

Lisenby Primary School is proud to announce Mr. Kaleb Kelley as the 2019-20 Lisenby teacher of the year. Mr. Kelley has been working with the Ozark City School System for 7 years both at Thompkins Early Childhood Center and Lisenby Primary School. He is a positive role model not only to the students he serves each day, but to his colleagues as well. He exhibits a caring demeanor, insatiable humor, and a sense of community that is unique only to him. He desires to become better at his craft, develop and enhance his leadership skills, and network with others to become a master teacher. Mr. Kelley was also chosen as the Ozark City Schools Elementary Teacher of the Year. 

He takes part in many leadership roles in the life of the school: Building Leadership Grade Level Representative, Mentor Teacher, Grade Level Chairperson, and Extracurricular Events Co-Chair. He volunteers for school and community events, provides benevolence needs for students, staff, or parents, and assists with aesthetic enhancements to the school campus. He establishes a nurturing learning environment for students and invests in the lives of his students. Mr. Kelley is a valued asset to our school staff and we are extremely proud of him!